Evian launches #herothezero

Changing the way we think about plastics


Nearly 350 million tons of plastic are produced globally each year. Despite the effort of manufacturers and consumers, only 9% is ultimately recycled and most of the plastic waste finds its final destination polluting our Earth’s soil and oceans. Since evian owes everything to nature they want to evolve every potential plastic waste to become a valuable resource.


Together with AKQA, evian launches the #herothezero initiative and commits to make all of its plastic bottles from 100% recycled plastic by 2025. Communicating through social media, by creating their own ecosystem of partners and influencers, including Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Loop Industries, The Ocean Cleanup and support of National Geographic, evian will move from a linear model to a circular which enables people to join the conversation, keep track of each and every initiative or even sign up for an event through social at circular.evian.eco.


Only 6 days after the launch of circular.evian.eco during the world economic forum at DAVOS, including a worldwide Instagram takeover, we had over +48,3M impressions, 2200 posts and reposts, 1316 comments without any paid media (100% organic reach) and a 50% conversion rate from social media to circular.evain.eco.

On community channels, evian worked with local influencers to encourage the creation of inspirational dreams and stories.